What Are Different Interior Design Styles?
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What Are Different Interior Design Styles?

What Are Different Interior Design Styles?

All homeowners long for a fitting and attractive interior design style. However, do you know the different established styles that interior designers often work with?

Interior designers continue to create and perfect different decorating styles to accommodate homes of all different shapes, styles, and sizes. What your interior design should look like also depends on you and your personal tastes.

Take a look at some of the common interior design styles and choose what seems closest to your liking.

Nautical Style

nautical style living space - one of the different interior design styles

Nautical style captures the elements of the beach and the sea. It’s a design including lots of whites, blues, and sand colors to emulate that environment. It features wood furniture with shabby chic cloth upholstery to complement it.

You can really draw out the theme with elements that capture the spirit: bottles, maps, surfboards, lanterns, ships, and more.

A Scandinavian Interior

This is a form of contemporary interior design that features simplistic color palettes and minimalistic furniture. Essentially, just think of IKEA. This design features lots of greys, whites, and dark tones and usually consists of both engineered and natural materials. Everything feels soft, fluid, and proportional.

Interested in Bohemian Design?

Bohemian style seeks to break the rules of simple, minimalistic design. There may be simple design elements, but they’re accompanied by striking colors such as rich reds or purples as well as rich, outstanding patterns.

You can add some animal hides or furs as well as some tribal elements to capture the spirit of this design. Think textiles, rugs, and vintage light fixtures. If you have a playful, carefree attitude when it comes to your home decor, this may be right for you.

Modern Interior Design

It’s an echo of the 21st century. Modern styling imitates a clean, metro environment with its angular, clean lines that feature metal, glass, and steel. There’s also a sense of minimalism as it features only elements that are necessary for the decor. This is for someone who wants a room to have only what it needs and feels that accessorizing isn’t necessary.

Industrial Interior Design

This type of home decor looks to capture the spirit of what things looked like during the Industrial era. Think of inner-city lofts that are found in renovated buildings that were previously warehouses and factories.

Industrial style features interior brick walls are common alongside weathered wood and steel. There’s also room for exploration as it works for both minimalist rooms as well as those with lavish decoration. Rustic design choices best complement this type of interior.

Choose Your Interior Design Style with Lion’s Paw and Company

At Lion’s Paw and Company, we have a passionate desire to transform homes in a way that shows off our unique positive outlook and energy. We translate that energy into creating unique interior design styles that reflect and represent who you are. We work together throughout the entire process to ensure that the design process is enjoyable and simple, not a stressful headache.

Come visit our showroom at 1552 Post Road in Fairfield to see what we have to offer you and your home. For more information and questions about interior design, call us at (203)-255-0558.

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