How a Kitchen Island Can Transform Your Space
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How a Kitchen Island Can Transform Your Space

How a Kitchen Island Can Transform Your Space

Most modern homes have this feature in their kitchen to allow the homeowner to have an open and inviting space that is still functional. That is the beauty of having an island incorporated into the design of the home.

Kitchen island

Counter Space for Days

Did you find that one granite top or marble stone countertop that is beautiful but won’t be shown off in your kitchen? Make it the center of the action by adding that to your island piece. It’ll make the design cohesive throughout the entire kitchen, and you can always add any decorations or accents to change up the style without sacrificing space.

Create More Seating for Family and Friends

If you lack the space for a dining room table in your house, then an island would be a great opportunity to have a more casual dining area that is big enough for you, your family, and any friends that come over!

Hosting in your kitchen will be a breeze, and keeping the flow from living space to kitchen will be seamless.

Add Appliance and Storage

Having everything cramped into one area can truly disrupt the flow of your kitchen. If you have a large family, or maybe you love to cook and have a ton of kitchen items, storage is a must-have in your kitchen. Even if you don’t use every nook and cranny for your kitchen items, it’s better to have too much space than not enough.

There’s Multi-levels to This

A great way to hide any of your countertop cleaning products or items in your kitchen besides closed storage is with an island that has more than one level. A high-top seating area with a low-top functional area is very dimensional, and elevates the space. You’ll have the best of both worlds with storage space and an option for an appliance while keeping the bar separate.

Lions Paw & Company

Transforming your kitchen into a space that is serene and relaxing is exactly what we specialize in. We’ll work with you and bring your dreams to reality! If you would like to request a consultation with us, we’d be happy to help you achieve all your dream kitchen goals.

Please contact us today at (203) 255-0558 for more information!

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