Choosing the Right Bathroom Flooring
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Choosing the Right Bathroom Flooring

Choosing the Right Bathroom Flooring

Did you know that the master bathroom is one of the most valuable rooms of the household when it comes to resale value? Along with having a nice kitchen, having a quality bathroom is highly coveted. When dealing with bathroom remodeling, you’ll want to consider things such as shower tiling, sinks and handles, and bathtubs, and maybe most importantly – the flooring.

The interior design experts at Lion’s Paw & Co. want help you find the flooring option that’s right for your bathroom. We’ve listed common flooring types below, as well as the pros and cons of each for your convenience.

Bathroom flooring options

Ceramic or Porcelain

Ceramic and porcelain tiles both belong to the category of ceramics. While they have some notable differences, both are durable, elegant options that behave similarly when correctly installed. Both provide smooth surfaces that are water-resistant or waterproof, allowing for ease of cleanup and maintenance. Ceramic is relatively easy to cut and install on your own.

Porcelain, in particular, is generally more durable and water-resistant than regular ceramic tiles. For this reason, it’s recommended to choose porcelain for areas that see greater water-traffic, such as showers. 

The downside is that porcelain is more expensive and more difficult to cut, which will likely require you to recruit a professional. 


Natural wood always offers a very rustic, classic look that’s appealing to all manner of homeowners. It’s a viable option for your bathroom renovations but can also quickly become problematic if you are unprepared to do maintenance. 

Hardwood can quickly start to weaken when exposed to moisture and humidity. Any significant spills or splashes can affect the flooring. To maintain a hardwood bathroom floor, you will need to clean all water immediately, use rugs to prevent damage from splashes, properly vent the area at all times, and promptly correct any piping issues.  

Alternatively, you can use engineered wood or faux-hardwood materials to achieve the same type of look. These options typically hold up to moisture well and can survive so long as the room stays adequately ventilated.

Natural Stone

Stone flooring is a symbol of exclusivity and class. It comes in a variety of options such as marble or limestone and can give your bathroom a beautiful look. 

Stone, however, is an expensive flooring option. Also, stone flooring is surprisingly susceptible to water damage and cracking. Because of this, homeowners will need to seal their floors regularly to prevent buildup from the humid environment. Otherwise, water can seep under the stone and warp underneath, which causes the stone to crack.  

Luxury Vinyl

Vinyl is a popular, cost-effective option that can provide the look of more expensive options without breaking the bank. There is a plethora of vinyl types which will allow your bathroom floor to have the appearance of wood or even stone. Its characteristics also make it ideal for areas like bathrooms due to its durability and resistance to water damage and scratching. 

Alternatively, you can also look into linoleum flooring, which is often mistakenly used interchangeably with vinyl. However, it shares many of the same characteristics and selling points. The major difference is that linoleum is comprised of natural materials, whereas vinyl is made up of mostly PVC.


One final option that some considered is cork flooring. Cork flooring is a versatile flooring option that is comfortable to stand on and not cold to the touch like other options. Cork is generally resistant to moisture as well as mold and mildew growth, especially when compared to wood and carpet. It also is effortless to install and replace when necessary.

The downsides are that cork will warp very easily if exposed to excessive amounts of water. Humidity can also cause it to expand and weaken the adhesive, breaking the installation.

Start Your Bathroom Remodeling with Lion’s Paw & Co.

If you’re still unsure of what flooring type is right for your bathroom, the experts at Lion’s Paw & Co. are here to help. We have years of experience helping with all manner of interior design, including bathroom and kitchen remodeling. We also know how to create comfortable living spaces with elegant furnishings that harmonize with nature’s natural beauty. 

We want you to contact us at (203)-255-0558 so that we can help you with your bathroom flooring and remodeling. We also to encourage you to check out our designs and previous work on our Instagram. Make Lion’s Paw & Co. your one and only stop for all of your interior design and home remodeling needs.

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