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Interior Design
Interior Design
Interior Design
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At Lion’s Paw & Company, we understand the importance of the home as a center of restoration, entertainment, and comfort.  We understand that as families grow and change, their environments change with them.  We pay attention to details regarding the form and function of a room, plan space efficiently, and understand the importance of organized storage space.


After all, what’s a home if you can’t experience the peace and tranquility that’s all around you? Your home is all about making the most out of the moment. Lion’s Paw & Company respects the home and its tenants for what they are. We help homes flourish in a way that feels natural and satisfying so that everyone can better manage and enjoy their environment. From visualization to construction, we want to help you build something that’s authentic and unique to who you are. Making your vision a reality is our goal in helping you to spend time in a home that’s otherwise been a far off dream. 

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Interior Design

Interior design entails far more than just decorating your space. While the jobs of interior designers and interior decorators often overlap, you need the aid of an interior designer to effectively plan the alteration of your living area.

At Lion’s Paw & Company, we assist with interior design from the initial walkthrough all the way to the final installation. We help homeowners work out a design blueprint, which not only provides you with a solid visualization of what to expect, but helps plan the renovation process from there on out.

Event Planning and Tablescapes

Having a good design for your kitchen is very important, your kitchen has to be an effective and enjoyable space to prepare meals. Knowing the concept of kitchen design and basic kitchen plan is a starting point for a good design of the kitchen you like. 

These principles apply to the home kitchen and beyond. After all, most events are focused on breaking bread with friends, family, or colleagues. Lion’s Paw & Company is able to utilize their knowledge of kitchen design to help beautify your next event or gathering. Making the most of the space you have is essential for welcoming in your special guests. for years to come.

Interior design, creative furnishings and accessories, kitchen design, comfortable living spaces, nature and art… Growing up in Connecticut spending so much time outdoors as a child, I have always admired and been inspired by nature — its fresh air, tranquility, sunshine and beauty… and the importance of family. Here at Lion’s Paw and Company we strive to bring the very best of what nature has to offer – beauty, fresh air and tranquility — into your home. As nature is ever evolving, so too is the home. Our love and passion for both have always inspired us to share our positive outlook and energies with the world – and you! We strongly believe that every individual client’s life, family and home needs are unique. That is why we work intimately together to seek to reduce stress levels, clutter, etc., while beautifully transforming your home into a sanctuary where you can escape, relax and recharge for a new day. Bringing the best energy of nature and everything that goes with it into your home – is the mission of Lion’s Paw and Company. Let Lion’s Paw and Company inspire you. Visit our beautiful showroom where we are brought together by design.

Interior Design Services

Event Planning and Tablescapes

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