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About Lion's Paw & Company

Creating that special or sacred space where we spend a lot of our time is so important; this is where we restore, nourish, and grow. Whether it's the home or the office, it's important to slip into that space of comfort, luxury, and peace. We invite you to come share and experience Lion's Paw & Company, where the senses are awakened to create that perfect, sacred space in your own home. We are here and look forward to assisting you with all of your design decisions.

Despite the many changes in our midst, most of us still wake up every morning and are blessed with the freedom to choose. With resolute values and beliefs, we each make daily decisions that hopefully support the fundamentals of conscious living. Here at Lion's Paw & Company, we choose to work with artisans, designers, painters, and companies who are rooted in authenticity, who share a commitment to community and the planet, and who understand the value in developing relationships.

The other half of our business, our loyal friends and clients are equally important and extremely gratifying. We cherish these relationships and greatly appreciate your business and friendship. Thank you for choosing to support Lion's Paw & Company as a local business and a kindred spirit. It's through this support that we are able to, in turn, give back to the community here in Fairfield County and beyond.